While there are plenty of online resources to help you build your WordPress website from scratch, it’s not an easy task. It can be particularly daunting if you have little background knowledge about website development or do not have the time to do it.

Many websites will let you hire freelancers for all sorts of work related to WordPress website development, like Fiverr and Upwork. However, these websites have quite a few obvious issues. They’re catered to sell all types of freelance services, which means there is not enough attention paid to categories individually.

They also have too many users and freelancers, which makes quality control an issue. In my opinion, if you want assured quality and value for money, going to one of the general-purpose freelance hiring portals is not the best idea.

That’s where Codeable.io comes in. Codeable is a freelancer platform exclusively for WordPress related projects. It does promise a lot of features that make this platform feel like the ideal solution to all of your WordPress website development needs, but is it the best fit for you? I reviewed Codeable to help you decide.

What sets Codeable apart?

Hire freelance WordPress developers: Codeable.io Review
Besides being a freelancer platform dedicated to WordPress-based projects, Codeable commits to ensuring total quality control in the niche. As explained in the Our Story page of the website, Codeable was founded in 2012 out of frustration towards traditional marketplaces. Codeable carries that spirit through every aspect of its business, making for a very convenient and easy-to-use freelancer platform.

Vetting for Freelance WordPress Developers

Codeable.io prides itself on this — They have an extensive vetting process followed during hiring every freelance WordPress expert for the site. Codeable puts its freelancer applicants through a professional review, followed by three exams that test their technical knowledge, coding skills, behavior, and an intense test to ensure they’re well-versed with Codeable’s standards and practices.

There’s also a 45-day probation period after hiring, and constant monitoring to ensure the developers are all doing their best.

Knowing the freelance market and its challenges well, this assurance impressed me from the get-go. If you’re looking for great quality for your WordPress projects from a freelance arrangement, Codeable.io is worth consideration. It even calls itself the only WordPress freelancer platform.

The acceptance rate for freelancers developers is only 2%, and you can apply to be an expert developer for Codeable.io on the website.

Codeable.io Plans and Pricing

Codeable.io Service Offerings

Codeable.io covers all possible aspects of WordPress development services. It lists a total of eight areas of expertise for which you can hire freelancers.

Hire freelance WordPress developers: Codeable.io Review

The offerings provided by Codeable cover everything from basic WordPress website development, to custom development for WordPress themes and design, plugins, E-Commerce, APIs, as well as optimizations for security, performance, and maintenance.

Codeable also says it accepts all scales of tasks, ranging from minor fixes to existing WordPress websites, to full development from scratch. I couldn’t think of any WordPress development-related tasks that seemed to be out of Codeable’s scope.

Codeable.io says it caters to three categories of clients, businesses, agencies, and freelancers. However, there are no different tiers of offerings specifically catered towards these categories. The website lists the three categories since they’re the most probable use cases, but the service offerings remain the same for every customer.

Codeable.io Pricing

It isn’t easy to give accurate pricing for freelance services with board offerings, and reducing the scope to just WordPress development doesn’t make it any easier since there are a lot of variables with every project. However, Codeable.io has a pricing declaration that put me at ease instantly.

Their pricing page states that the rate hovers between $70-120 per hour, and a service fee is added to provide a quality guarantee. The service fee is fixed at 17.5%.

Additionally, Codeable.io features a pricing guide that lets you adjust the complexity, urgency, and scope of your project, selecting from three levels for each, to show you the best pricing estimates for your project. Of course, these prices aren’t set in stone, but the estimation system impressed me nonetheless because it’s a great way to establish transparency from the get-go.

Hire freelance WordPress developers: Codeable.io Review
Codeable.io even gives you options when it comes to starting your project. You can submit your project straight away, for free. Codeable will let you choose the basic idea of your project, then ask for a few details and let you select the metrics like the pricing guide, to show you the starting estimate before submitting the project.

An expert then reverts to you with a proper estimate. If you want to restrict the project to specific freelance developers, you might know or have heard of as a recommendation; you can do that while starting your project, too! The final pricing is calculated by averaging the prices quoted by all the expert developers that apply for your project, keeping it fair for the developers as well as the client.

Now, of course, it’s possible that you don’t have your WordPress development ideas all sorted out. In that case, you can opt to consult an expert at a rate of $59 per hour. Codeable asks you for the basic details, and a consultant will then take over and let you get the idea ready enough to start a project.

Hire freelance WordPress developers: Codeable.io Review

Payment is to be made in advance after an expert freelancer quotes the rate, and you have chosen to go forward with the project. The payment is handled through a secure escrow system which holds the money until you mark the project as complete.

I found this particular implementation to be one of the best quality control measures I have seen from any marketplace, reminding me of how eBay handles its buyer protection program. However, the escrow system is managed by Codeable, and not a third-party, which undercuts the advantage of this feature.

In terms of payment methods, you can expect all major credit cards, wire transfers, and PayPal to work without any issues.

Of course, the pricing is not the cheapest that you can find for your WordPress development needs, and I even found the $59 per house consultation cost to be a bit too high for what can essentially be done with a forum post somewhere on the internet.

I think Codeable needs to reconsider lowering the consulting pricing to counter the barrier to entry. That being said, Codeable has a fantastic quality control system, and I think the actual development pricing is well worth the cost. If your concern is more about the quality of the work than the price, you will love Codeable.io!

Codeable also offers an Affiliate program that lets you have a partnership with the platform to help sell their services and receive a commission for every sale. Codeable.io takes care of the support, lead conversion, and actual development. The website also states that they’re open to different types of collaborations, so if you’re looking to offer Codeable’s services to your clients/users, you can contact them for the best deal.

Codeable is also officially recommended by big WordPress brands like WooCommerce, SiteGround, WP Engine, and more, through its affiliate program.

Codeable.io Customer Support

Codeable extends its quality control and assurance to its customer support as well. To begin with, the website itself is quite transparent, with enough information about how Codeable works.

Codeable.io Help Center

Codeable has a Help center if you need more assistance. This knowledge base covers all sorts of queries. There are sections with answers to the most common issues about posting your project, pricing, hiring, and currently active projects. While the rest of the site does make the whole process understandable, the help center is an excellent resource for everybody that has queries they might want to get solved before they pay for a consultation.

Codeable Developers Center

Hire freelance WordPress developers: Codeable.io Review
Codeable takes its transparency a step further by including a Developers page listing out every freelance developer in its network, with their areas of expertise listed, along with a brief bio. This is my favorite part about the website and truly reflects Codeable’s quality promise.

It’s also convenient if you want to scout freelancers manually and open your project up to only a select few of them while starting a project on Codeable. Be warned, however, as Codeable has strict rules about contacting developers to hire them outside of the Codeable.io platform.

24/7 Customer Service and Refund Guarantee

Codeable offers a 24/7 customer service that goes with the project. While most of the time, the issues can be handled by the freelancer expert developer you have selected, there is always a possibility that problems cannot be resolved. This is handled by the customer support team, which is available 24/7.

It will quickly assign you a different developer or if there is enough reason — a full refund, minus the service fee I had mentioned before. Note that Codeable has over 98% success rate, and most of the issues happen when the clients fail to define their ideas well enough, whether due to not knowing what they want, having unrealistic expectations, or demanding more work than initially decided.

You can reach the customer service via email, and the website also has a pop-up chat available. You also get a 28-day bug guarantee, so if there are any issues with your project, you can get them resolved in the first four weeks.

Codeable.io Reviews

Now, of course, like every other service on the internet, it’s hard to judge Codeable through just a singular point of view. This is why I went through the various reviews about Codeable, to get an idea of how others like the platform.

Codeable.io Customer Reviews

Codeable by itself has a page dedicated to Success Stories that speak of the many successful projects the platform has managed to execute. While these are true, they’re still published by Codeable. I looked at other review aggregations and found the response to be very positive.

One of the best review aggregation websites, Trustpilot, rates Codeable.io at 4.7/5 stars, with a total of 214 reviews. There are several other positive customer reviews out there.

I tried to look for negative customer reviews and only found one website that is dedicated to negative reviews for the platform and has a few posts with no details about the customers given, making it look less than truthful.

Codeable.io Freelance Developer Reviews

The most common forms of reviews I found came from freelance WordPress developers employed by Codeable, either currently or in the past. These reviews are all along the same lines, with positive reactions describing Codeable.io as one of the best platforms for freelancer developers. Codeable.io has no competitive bidding process for the freelancers, and the work environment is described as very friendly, where the other freelance developers help their colleagues out.

There is also a high volume of work, so developers don’t get left out, either, since there’s enough for everybody. A platform like this depends heavily on having happy freelancers running the ship. From all the freelancer reviews I’ve read, Codeable.io has a total commitment to keeping both its freelance developers and clients happy.

Our Verdict

Codeable.io is a freelancer platform with a specific focus — to do all things WordPress. They have a great website that I found very reassuring as a customer and detailed enough to clear all my doubts about the platform. Transparency is rare among workplaces similar to Codeable, but Codeable has managed to keep its process so transparent that it seems almost too good to be true.

However, it is true! Codeable.io is an excellent place for clients to get their work done, and for freelance developers to get a steady stream of gigs. The only requirement for clients is that they be clear about what they want, have the budget for it, and for developers, the requirement is to be among the best at their job.

There are many things a workplace like Codeable could do wrong, but Codeable gets it all right.

Of course, excellent quality assurance comes at a price, and thus Codeable.io is a more expensive solution for your WordPress development needs than other freelance marketplaces. However, the cost is well justified.

My only two issues with Codeable are the high price for consultation and the fact that the payment escrow system is not handled by a third-party system, but by Codeable itself. I would not recommend anybody to get a consultation about their WordPress idea for that price. The escrow system being run by Codeable on its own is a potential cause for worry.

However, Codeable has a great conflict resolution and support system, as well as a refund promise in place, so you can rest easy about not being ripped off.

So if you’re looking to hire a freelancer for your WordPress development project and don’t mind paying for quality, Codeable.io is a great way to go!

Get started with Codeable.io

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