Hexometer 2.0 is the updated new version of the reliable website monitoring tool. Hexometer 2.0 monitors a wide range of parameters relating to site speed, performance, SEO, user experience, and more. While website monitoring solutions often cover only the bare basics, Hexometer 2.0 promises to be the all-in-one tool

Hexometer 2.0 is AI-powered and cloud-based, making it lightweight and easy to set up with no coding required.

Who made it?

Hexometer 2.0 comes from Hexact Inc. The company has also developed Hexowatch, another monitoring tool that can monitor any website for changes.

Who is it for?

Hexometer 2.0 is for those that want active monitoring of their websites. Specifically, it designed for users that don’t want any coding involved but want the full stack of features that a monitoring service can offer. Hexometer 2.0 is built to replace website monitoring tools, so anybody looking for one can consider using it.

Key features 

  • Monitor Website Uptime — Monitor individual pages with 24/7 monitoring, with critical services like DNS and IP monitoring
  • Check Website Performance  — Check page load speeds and other performance metrics with insights for improvement
  • User Experience  Checks —  Check cross-device UI issues, and spell and grammar check in English, French and German
  • Monitor SEO  — Monitor on-page issues that affect organic traffic and Tech Stack changed that can affect SEO and paid ad campaigns
  • Maintain Website Health — Check for broken links, JS and server errors, W3C issues, and bad website changes
  • Security Checks — Help ensure users follow the best security and privacy practices for the website

What does it cost?

  • Free  — $0, for 1 website with under 3000 pages, no in-depth checks
  • Standard — $60 per year for 2 websites with under 10,000 pages
  • Advanced — $120 per year for 3 websites with under 25,000 pages
  • Guru — $240 per year for 5 websites with under 50,000 pages

Launch pricing offers are available.

What are the makers saying?

“Hexometer is your AI sidekick that works behind the scenes, monitoring your website and marketing 24/7. Detect downtime and fix page speed performance issues, security vulnerabilities, page & JS errors, email deliverability, SEO optimization or server configuration problems before they burn a hole in your pocket. Get started in minutes – no code changes required.” Hexometer 2.0

What are people saying? 

“I was using Hexometer for the last 6 months for one of my websites. Happy to see how platforms evolved and became better with each new release. Congrats team!” Arto Minasyan, Co-Founder at Krisp & 10Web

Take a look at Hexometer 2.0, now.

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