Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools can serve a variety of purposes including project management, video sharing, and document collaboration. The best collaboration tools help in several of these areas.

The best collaboration tools make it easy for coworkers to collaborate on projects remotely.

Here we will look at 10 of the best collaboration tools available to business owners. 

1. Microsoft 365

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

Microsoft 365 gives you access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

With a subscription, you get access to 1 TB of storage on the cloud, enabling you to save up to 500,000 photos and files. 

This product is accessible on all of your devices including your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. 

Additionally, since everything is saved to the cloud, you can start a project on your desktop and continue it on your tablet while you are on the road. 

There are two annual payment plans available to prospective buyers.

  • Microsoft 365 Personal – $69.99 per year. A good plan for one person. It provides users access to all Microsoft programs and 1 TB of storage.
  • Microsoft 365 Family – $99.99 per year. This plan is recommended for two to six people. It provides 1 TB of storage and premium safety features in the mobile app.

2. Slack

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

Slack is one of the leading collaboration tools in the world when it comes to communication among teams. Millions of users around the world use it every day, and it has an interface that makes it intuitive for new users. 

At its core, Slack is a communication tool that makes collaboration easy. As a result, it makes sense that it is accessible via desktop and mobile. 

With Slack, you will be able to send direct messages and files to a single person or a group of workers. The app also supports video calls, making meetings easy to conduct. 

Additionally, while Slack is not meant to be a replacement for the cloud, it does come with some storage space, enabling file sharing. 

There are three major payment plans available for businesses to subscribe to.

  • Pro – $6.67 per person, per month. Provides unlimited message archives, unlimited apps, group video calls with screen sharing, and you can work securely with other organizations with Slack Connect.
  • Business+ – $12.50 per person, per month. Get 99.99 percent guaranteed uptime SLA, SAML-based single sign-on, and data exports for all messages.
  • Enterprise Grid – contact the sales team for a price estimate. Get unlimited workspaces, data loss prevention, designated customer success teams, and HIPPAA compliant message and file collaboration.

3. Ryver

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

Ryver is a tool similar to Slack. The most compelling aspect of Ryver is that it lets you create as many teams as you want in the app. You can then easily categorize them.

Tasks are easily managed on personal task boards, each of which can hold an unlimited number of tasks. Details such as checklists, tags, and assignments can be added to each task.

Additionally, it is easy to collaborate with other team members on voice and video calls. Up to five users can join a call at a time with crisp audio and clear video.

Finally, Ryver makes it easy to integrate with other tools so that you do not need to switch between them all the time. You can integrate tools such as Gmail, Asana, and Google Drive so that all your messages go to one place.

There are three payment plans available.

  • Starter – $49 per month. Up to 12 users, unlimited chat, file sharing, task management, and voice and video calls. 
  • Unlimited – $79 per month. Unlimited users, and custom invite links.
  • Enterprise – $149 per month. Single Sign-On, premium support, advanced team management, and sandbox testing.

4. Asana

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

Asana excels at project tracking and integrations. It is designed to make it easy for companies to track their employees’ work. 

With the tool, managers are able to create to-do lists for upcoming projects and set reminders for deadlines. You are also able to send requests to your colleagues. 

Organization is made easy with Asana as all projects can be put into a list or board format. The search function also makes it easy to access old projects quickly. 

There are three payment plans available for users to purchase.

  • Basic – $0 per month. Manage tasks and personal to-dos while collaborating with up to 15 teammates. This plan also provides unlimited file storage on files up to 100 MB. 
  • Premium – $10.99 per month. For teams that need to create project plans. Get access to premium features such as timelines, unlimited dashboards, advanced search, custom fields, and unlimited free guests. 
  • Business – $24.99 per month. Get access to everything in premium plus portfolios, goals, advanced integrations, and more. This plan is best for companies that need to manage work across initiatives.

5. Flock

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

Flock is another one of the collaboration tools that are similar to Slack. However, it is easier to use and has more comprehensive communication tools. 

Channel messaging servers are great for casually chatting about upcoming projects. Conversely, the video conferencing feature makes it easy to collaborate with other team members on more complex projects.

Users can use the integrated search feature to easily retrieve information from previous conversations. 

Additionally, Flock supports integrations with third-party apps such as Google Drive and Twitter.

There are three payment options available.

  • Free – for teams up to 20 members. Get access to unlimited group messaging, 10,000 searchable, and 10 public channels.
  • Pro – $4.50 per user, per month. This plan is ideal for teams between 20 and 100 members. Get access to unlimited public and private access channels, group video calls, and priority support.
  • Enterprise – contact support to get a quote. Get access to all features not included in the previous plans. 

6. Trello

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

If you are looking for collaboration tools that make it easy to manage several projects at once, Trello is the best option for you. It is available online and in mobile apps. 

Trello is the best collaboration tool for managing several projects with a large team. You can easily set up to-do lists for your employees, and you can assign comments to cards. 

When you set up your Trello page, you can have sections dedicated to categories. For example, you can sort projects to “In Progress,” “Awaiting Edit,” and “Ready to Publish.”

You can also set permissions so that some cards are only visible to certain team members. This should help you avoid cluttering up the workspace.

There are three payment plans available. 

  • Free – Get access to unlimited cards, members, storage, up to 10 boards, 1 power-up per board, and 50 automated command runs per month. 
  • Business Class – $10 per month. Get access to dashboard and timeline view, 1000 automated command runs per month, admin and security features, simple data export, and much more. 
  • Enterprise – The price for this plan varies depending on the number of users per month. With this plan, you will get access to organization-wide permissions and visible boards, public board management, attachment permissions, and unlimited command runs.

7. Podio

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

One of the biggest flaws in most collaboration tools is that they do not foster a great work environment. Meaning that they are fairly dry and do not encourage getting to know other team members.

Podio is set up to look like a social media platform. Each person can set a profile picture, update their status, and share their thoughts in a community forum.

Using a tool that builds a friendly environment for coworkers usually makes projects get done quicker.

Additionally, there are several useful tabs near the top of your screen that make navigation easy. Those tabs include clients, projects, style guides, launch lists, and deliverables.

There are four payment options for users. 

  • Free – For five employees or less. Get access to task management tools, apps, and workspaces.
  • Basic – $7.20 per month. Get access to unlimited items, management, and external users.
  • Plus – $11.20 per month. Get access to light user roles, automated workflows, and read-only access.
  • Premium – $19.20 per month. Visual reports, contact sync, interactive sales dashboards, and advanced workflow automation become available to users. 

8. Flowdock

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

Flowdock is the perfect collaboration tool for project organization. 

The threading feature organizes threads by topic, keeping things organized.

Additionally, all conversations are color-coded so that you can quickly identify a topic and jump back into the conversation if you have been away for a while.

There is also a 1:1 chat feature that allows you to discuss topics confidentially with a single team member if need be.

Additionally, with Flowdock you can let your coworkers know if you are away by using the /appear command.

When this command is active, other team members can join a video chat so that you can get work done together.

Finally, the integration inbox makes it easy to keep your updates organized. Your updates will be kept separate for each tool so that all of your conversations are clean and focused.

There are two payment options available.

  • Standalone – $3 per month. Get unlimited flows, endless history, and infinite integrations.
  • Enterprise – $9 per month. Get SSO, integration auto removal, custom data retention policies, flow level administration, data encryption, and advanced API for auditing.

9. GoToMeeting 

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools

GoToMeeting is an online conferencing software that makes it easy to schedule and plan meetings.

The business messaging tool allows coworkers to communicate at all times with an integrated chat. You can also download the app so that you will be notified on your phone when a meeting is about to start.

When you are in a meeting you can share your screen, use drawing tools, and set custom backgrounds.

Additionally, presenter controls give guest presenters control so that they can share their screens and run the meeting. You are even able to share control of your keyboard and mouse.

Once meetings are finished, you will have access to full meeting transcriptions. These transcriptions are automatically recorded, and they come with important notes and action items.

The cloud also records all meetings so that you can listen to them later if need be.

There are three payment plans available. 

  • Basic – $22 per month. Get access to unlimited extensions, call forwarding, and other basic features.
  • Standard – $26 per month. In addition to all basic features, get access to unlimited auto attendants, ring group, call queues, and real-time analytics.
  • Premium – $39 per month. Get access to all features not included in the two aforementioned plans. 

10. WebEx

Grow Your Business with the 10 Best Collaboration Tools 

WebEx is best used for team collaboration, webinars, and training. It has several tools that make it easy for team members from all over the world to collaborate and learn.

It provides real-time translations of your meeting in over 100 languages, making it easy for you to collaborate with people and businesses from other countries.

Additionally, closed captions with high accuracy are available. This feature is great for when you are in a meeting but stuck in a noisy area.

Furthermore, you can use the noise removal feature so that your coworkers cannot hear background noise while you are unmuted.

There are also useful tools such as meeting highlights, meeting transcripts, and automatic video adaption which make it easy to go back to see the important aspects of a meeting after it has concluded.

There are four major payment plans available.

  • Basic – $0 per month. Get access to basic features including HD meeting with up to 100 people, screen sharing, and a personal room. 
  • Meet Plan – $15 per month. HD meeting with up to 200 people, screen sharing, recording, and breakout rooms.
  • Call Plan – $17 per month. Get access to cloud-based phone numbers for each license, phone menus, and extensions.
  • Meet + Call Plan – $15 per month. Get access to all WebEx features. 

When looking for collaboration tools, it is important to figure out what your business needs beforehand. You can then pick collaboration tools that fit your needs. 

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