DIY UX Audit is a Notion template that lets users uncover the usability issues with their website. It’s a UX audit checklist that helps users check multiple user experience issues with their websites, and fix them one by one.

It’s a Notion template, making it easier to integrate into workflows.

Who made it?

DIY UX Audit is from the team over at Fulcrum, an agency working on discovery, UI/UX design, and product development. They help users get their products out, and DIY UX Audit is a part of their detailed product strategy.

Who is it for?

DIY UX Audit is for anybody looking to improve the user experience on their website. Anybody that wants to improve their website to retain more users, and make it generally more usable, can benefit from running DIY UX Audit, without having to hire someone for the same work.

Key features 

  • Uncover 90% usability issues — Find out where and why your users stop converting to a sale
  • Improve retention — Make your users stay for longer on your website, and give them reasons to return
  • Increase user happiness — Improve customer satisfaction with your website, leading to better sale opportunities
  • 100+ UX criteria — Over a hundred UX checks to ensure nothing gets through
  • Notion template for ease-of-use — Just add it to Notion and keep it forever
  • Expert Audit from Fulcrum — Option to hire Fulcrum for an expert audit of your website

What does it cost?

DIY UX Audit is fully free to use as a Notion template. You can, however, request an Expert Audit from Fulcrum for $4000, currently 50% off at $2000.

What are the makers saying?

“With 1 click, duplicate Notion checklist to your workspace & use it whenever needed. We added 100+ cards for you to analyze. Choose the criteria you want to check & place the cards into “YES/NO” columns. ‘NO’ cards are those that you must improve!” Fulcrum.

What are people saying? 

“Interesting. I’m quite impressed by the number of notion template getting hunted those days.”  John Smith, Growth Hacker.

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