Developer Tool-kit is a collection of the most essential tools that a developer could need, all in one place. It consolidates the usual selection of tools that are must-haves during the development process, in a single, easy-to-access space. Built to increase productivity, and save time, Developer Tool-kit currently comes with seven different tools.

Who made it?

Developer Tool-kit is the brainchild of Rajendra Varma, a software developer with 15 years of experience. He built Developer Took-kit out of his need for an effective, reliable, robust and fast solution for developmental needs.

Who is it for?

Developer Tool-kit is for developers looking to optimize their workflow. It is designed for individuals looking for the functionality of multiple developmental processes in a single place and cut the time usually spent on trying to access all these tools. It aims for faster analysis and diagnosis for developers.

Key features 

  • URL Encoder Tool — Encode program data into URLs by quoting special characters and appropriately encoding non-ASCII text
  • URL Decoder Tool — Decode URLs to recover the original program data from the contents of a URL component

What does it cost?

Developer Tool-kit is completely free to use. The website supported by ads.

What are the makers saying?

“Developer Tool-kit is a set of online developer tools that helps to get the results of various functionality on-the-fly and diagnose.

There are many small tools that can be used every day by developers. You get productive with faster analysis and diagnosis by using the tools.” Developer Tool-kit

What are people saying? 

“Great idea to collect many helpful tools in one place with extra information and documentation about it..” Roman Ananyev, Startup & Product Manager

Check out Developer Tool-kit, now.

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