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DesignEvo is an online logo making tool that lets you create custom logos quickly and for free. It helps simplify the graphics designing process and has over 10,000 professional-grade logo templates sorted into a wide range of categories. DesignEvo lets users fully customize their designs.

DesignEvo offers a ton of functionality, even for the free tier. For basic graphics designing needs, it presents itself as a strong alternative to many paid professional tools.

Who made it?

DesignEvo is made by PearlMountain, a firm with experience in research and development in graphics designing software since 2006. It made DesignEvo to reduce the effort and cost that goes into graphics designing.

Who is it for?

DesignEvo is for small businesses, startups, and individual business owners looking to create professional-looking logos with minimal effort. Anyone who wants to create a logo without putting in a lot of effort or money can use DesignEvo.

Key features 

  • Logo Colors — Helps you pick the right color combinations for a logo
  • Logo Fonts — A selection of 100+ fonts to pick from
  • Download Logos — High-resolution PNG, JPG, and vector format download options
  • Logo Backgrounds — Offers a choice of solid, transparent, or gradient color background
  • Logo Icons — Millions of vector graphics icon resources available
  • Save to Cloud — Cloud saving capability for seamless editing and iteration
  • Logo Editor — Feature-rich but powerful logo editor to simplify designing
  • Logo Templates — 10,000+ customizable logo templates sorted into categories

What does it cost?

  • Free — Logo credits need to be given to DesignEvo, up to 300px resolution
  • Basic — $24.99 one-time fee, up to 5000px resolution, unlimited edits, and support
  • Plus — $49.99 one-time fee, up to 5000px resolution, with all features

DesignEvo also has an Affiliate Program available.

What are the makers saying?

“DesignEvo has gathered together the experience and knowledge of our professional design team, and presents access to a vast built-in database, offering millions of high-quality icons and hundreds of stylish fonts for selection. Even if you are a design novice, you can create professional logos without difficulty.” DesignEvo

What are people saying? 

“With this tool, I made super fast logos that impact the companies that hire me. As a graphic designer, I always look for quick solutions that help me save working time and have a positive effect, that the result is a clean and sophisticated design, all this I get with DesignEvo.”  Sara L, Web Designer

Take a look at DesignEvo now.

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