Noto is an illustrations pack for people that love Notion-style avatars. It lets users build their own custom Notion-style avatars with 120 mix and match items.

With this tool, users are able to customize hairstyles, beards, face shapes, and all other aspects of their avatars. It is also completely compatible with Sketch, Figma, SVG, and PNG.

Who Made It?

The Noto illustrations pack was made by Felix Wong, an entrepreneur, growth marketer, and designer.

Who Is It For?

Noto is a tool for game developers to easily make avatars for their games. It is great for creating avatars for indie games and other low budget projects. It can also be used to make an avatar for a profile on various social media platforms.

Additionally, it is a great tool because it stops users from reusing old designs. There are millions of designs to be made with all of the customizable options, and as a result, users will never create the same avatar.

Key Features

  • Compatibility – Noto is compatible with a variety of image formats and design tools including Sketch, Figma, SVG, and PNG.
  • Highly Customizable – Noto is highly customizable with over 120 items to customize, enabling millions of combinations.
  • Mix and Match – Users can mix and match all of the Noto style avatar features to create endless combinations. There are currently 11 face shapes, 11 noses, 11 mouths, 11 eyes, 11 eyebrows, 10 glasses, 30 hairstyles, 10 beards, 10 facial details, and 10 accessories.
  • Free Updates – After paying the initial price, users will get free updates to the product every two months. Those updates will come with new avatar features, and improvements to the user interface.

What Does It Cost?

The Noto illustrations pack might provide free updates, but the product itself is not free. You will need to purchase it before you receive those updates.

  • Lifetime Subscription – $10, when users make a one time payment of $10, they will get access to all of the features of the Noto illustrations pack permanently.

What Are the Makers Saying?

“Meet Noto! Build your own Notion-style avatar with 120+ mix-and-match items. Compatible with Sketch and Figma. Alternatively, you can import SVG and PNG into your favorite design tool such as Canva, AI, PS or XD etc. There are customizable hairstyles, beards, accessories, face shapes, eyes, glasses, eyebrows, facial expressions, and more in this avatar pack. (Free update every 2 months!) I hope you enjoy creating Notion-style avatars for your friends and teammates as well.” Felix Wong, Creator of Noto

What Are People Saying?

“Fantastic work on this project Felix! Can see how much time and dedication has gone into it. I’ll be giving this a spin for a few of my products soon!” Joel Rosen, Creator of

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