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Company in a Box is a tool that lets users create landing pages for their startup ideas. It uses GPT-3 and generates a landing page. It deploys the page to Netify. All that the user has to do is enter their startup idea. Company in a Box will use its selection of templates and get your landing page up in seconds.

Company in a Box can deploy a landing page faster than you can make a cup of tea.

Who made it?

Company ina Box is from a team of experts. The team has some top talent. This includes three members that are CEOs of other companies. One of the members previously worked for Twitter, and one is currently a product manager at Facebook. 

Who is it for?

Company in a Box is for anybody that wants to turn their startup idea into a landing page and gauge the interest for the startup. It’s a no-code tool, which means that anybody can use it to get their landing page made, regardless of how much experience they have with web design.

Key features 

  • Save time and money — Really quick way to get a landing page running without wasting any resources
  • SEO optimized  — The landing page is automatically optimized for SEO to ensure it ranks high in search
  • AI-driven complete content — The landing page content is made by an AI, complete with value props, features, call to actions, and blog post topics
  • Waitlisting and user engagement — Collect waitlists, engage with potential users, vet more ideas, faster, leaving you time to work on the product

What does it cost?

Company in a Box is currently completely free to use. The developers do request that you not abuse the system. This is so they can keep the GPT-3 costs low, and continue to keep it free.

What are the makers saying?

“Now, you can validate your startup idea in minutes by creating and deploying a landing page in seconds, then testing it with an audience – and you can get the world as excited as you are the moment you come up with your next incredible idea.” Jasmine Wang

What are people saying? 

“Very nice concept! Perfect to replace the generic “lorem ipsum” text and get you started with your landing page copywriting.”  Matt Sonnati, Entrepreneur, EdTech & Data Science

Check out Company in a Box, now.

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