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Top 5 Contact Form Solutions for WordPress

Online form solutions can help users get conversions from website traffic, and get data that can drive more meaningful engagement. While free online form solutions can be a good start for those that need premium features and proper WordPress integration, there are a few options one can look at. Here are the top 5 online form solutions for WordPress. 1. WPForms WPForms is one of the most popular online form...

Supercharge Your Email Marketing: Aweber vs. Mailchimp

In a world of social media, AI, and other innovative opportunities for marketing, email is still the best way to connect with your target audience. Love it or hate it, email gets results. That’s why the US spent over 350 million dollars on email marketing in 2019 alone. Email is effective because it’s everywhere. It’s the first thing many customers check when they wake up, thanks to a handy app...
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