BuhoCleaner is a cleaning app for macOS devices. It has a focus on speed and reliability and comes with support for macOS Big Sur out of the box. It simplifies the process of Mac cleaning and promises a quick performance boost for your devices.

It also supports the new macOS devices that come with Apple Silicon chipset, the Apple M1.

Who made it?

BuhoCleaner comes from the Dr.Buho team. The team says it is dedicated to helping “Mac users fully enjoy digital life with ultra simplicity”.

Who is it for?

BuhoCleaner is for those looking for an app to clean up their Mac storage and boost the performance of the device. It aims to provide a simplified alternative to Mac cleaning apps like CleanMyMac while keeping the functionality and in-depth cleaning aspects. Furthermore, BuhoCleaner is optimized for macOS Big Sur and Apple M1.

Key features 

What does it cost?

  • Single — $19.99, for 1 Mac, lifetime free upgrade, 24/7 support
  • Family —  $29.99, for 3 Macs, lifetime free upgrade, 24/7 support
  • Business —  $59.99, for 1 Mac, lifetime free upgrade, 24/7 support

Launch pricing offers are available, with 50% off on all the plans.

What are the makers saying?

“Apps like CleanMyMac just have too many features and make the software a little bit complicated. While our BuhoCleaner provides users with agile and more focused Mac cleaning solution. Besides, we just think our BuhoCleaner is much faster compared to similar apps on the market (based on thousand of intensive tests).” Andy, CEO, Dr.Buho

What are people saying? 

“My MacBook is 256 GB only, I keeps running out of space because of the “Other” junk storage. I was in desperate need of space to install an app for my college, I came across this. Thank you guys for such a great product!!” Maddison Muir

Check out BuhoCleaner, now. 

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