Articles by Efose Ikhalo

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Hotjar is a tool that allows you to map out Heatmaps and recordings of your website so that you can find out exactly how users are using your site. Sure, Hotjar doesn’t win any accolades for having a self-explanatory name, but that doesn’t take anything away from what its capabilities. Essentially, it sits as a tracking tool on your site; so just like Google Analytics and Facebook pixel tracking code, Hotjar...

SEMrush Review: The Best Marketing Analytics Search Optimization?

SEMrush is a marketing analytics and online search optimization software service provider. It gives information about web traffic, keywords, site audits and other SEO data that can improve your website search-page ranking. In this SEMrush review we’ll take a close look at its features. SEMrush is used by small businesses as well as major clients including eBay, Quora, Hewlett Packard, BNP Paribas and many others. If you’re wondering whether SEMrush...

Selling on Amazon? Get Full Insights with Jungle Scout (Full Review)

Amazon has become the top eCommerce platform in the world. More than 197 million people worldwide visit the Amazon website per month. Amazon also controls about 50% of the eCommerce market share, and somewhere along the line, they started Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) which is a service that lets entrepreneurs sell their products on the Amazon marketplace. While there are a lot of services and tools available for Amazon sellers,...
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