Anything World is an artificial intelligence-driven no-code-if-you-don’t-want-to-code™ 3D platform. It uses a sophisticated algorithm that relies on machine learning to help users generate 3D content. Anything World has access to tens of thousands of 3D objects, with its algorithm bringing the objects to life, saving time required for coding and designing. 

Users can request the 3D objects and scenarios they want simply by using a voice command, and Anything World will render them.

Who made it?

Anything World was founded by Gordon Midwood, a programmer with over 20 years in gaming and technology. He has previously worked for big companies like Electronic Arts. He runs this venture with Natalie Lambert, who is the Head of Studio, and Sebastian Hofer, who serves as the Artistic Director.

Who is it for?

Anything World is for anybody that wants to create 3D content, without spending the time needed to make it from scratch. It aims to help game creators create any type of game and animation easily and quickly. Anything World provides easy access to 3D resources and makes the interaction between them easier.

Key features 

  • Platform Agnostic — Works with any platform with integrations for other tools
  • 500,000 assets — A huge selection of assets including Google Poly, Sketchfab, and more sources being added
  • Natural language integrations — NLP integration with support for Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and more on the way

What does it cost?

  • Individual — Free, 1 seat, for organizations with current annual revenue/funding of less than $100k
  • Micro — $50/month, 5 seats, for organizations with current annual revenue/funding of less than $200k
  • Pro — $250/month, 10 seats, for organizations with current annual revenue/funding of less than $4 million
  • Enterprise — $2500/month, unlimited seats, for organizations with current annual revenue/funding of over $4 million

The plans are for the beta release currently available only in Unity.

What are the makers saying?

“The main motivation for on Anything World was for me to create a platform that helps games creators (like myself) to make any kind of games and animation very easy very quickly. When I was making games the more ‘traditional way’ I experienced lots of limits in terms of amounts of 3D models were available to me. Anything World aims is to give developer limitless access to 3D objects with behaviours applied.” Sebastian Hofer, Artistic Director, Anything World

What are people saying? 

“I love making things, building things, creating things, definitely not into resolving already solved problems. With Anything World I’m freeing my time up to do what I’m really good at when it comes to AR and VR.”  Kieran Walsh, Unity Developer

Check out Anything World, now.

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