If you want your website to do well and get as many visits as possible, your site needs to do well at SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The catch is, getting SEO right can be quite tricky, especially if you lack technical knowledge.

WordPress, which is said to power nearly a third of all websites, has a ton of SEO plugins to help you get the practice just right. I’ve worked with a lot of WordPress-based sites over the years, and nearly all of them used the Yoast SEO plugin. While it is the most popular SEO plugin out there, it’s not the only good one.

So when I had to pick an SEO plugin for my WordPress blog, I decided to do some research and take a look at some of the alternatives to the Yoast SEO plugin. In my testing, I found many of the other options to match and even outperform Yoast, and I recommend that you give these plugins a chance!

Here are 10 great alternatives to the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin:

1. SEOPress

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

SEOPress is a very powerful and popular Yoast SEO alternative that is packed with features and offers a lot of functionality without compromising ease of use.

The dashboard gives you notifications pointing to SEO issues that you can fix, as well as a clean layout showing key areas of SEO performance. While most dashboards have this, SEOPress’s implementation is my favorite because it focuses on the right selection for the quick access panels, which can be turned on and off from the dashboard itself. This extends to the whole plugin settings experience, which is centered around ease of use.

The title and meta settings, as well as the sitemap functionalities, are both very powerful. SEOPress’s Post SEO is also among the best ones I’ve used. The meta description is automatically populated with excerpts from the post, and the Google snippet preview is a nice inclusion to see a live preview of what your post link will look like in Google search results. SEOPress also allows for unlimited keywords, and analysis based on it and gives suggestions to improve your post’s SEO score.

The advanced, social media sharing, and redirection tabs in Post SEO also all provide more functionality and control than any other plugin I’ve tested — a standout feature that gives this plugin the best publishing experience.

SEOPress also has a Pro version with added features like Google suggestions, a broken link checker bot, better Google analytics integration, built-in support for WooCommerce, and more, for $39 a year — making this the most value-for-money premium offering as well.

Get the SEOPress plugin on the WordPress Plugin Store | SEOPress Official Website (Paid Versions)

2. Rank Math

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

When it comes to Yoast SEO plugin alternatives, one of the most often recommended names is Rank Math. To activate the plugin, I had to create a free account and follow through a setup wizard that took inputs from me to cover the necessary SEO areas. While the signup process can be a bit finicky, the setup wizard is a great way to get the optimization started from the get-go.

Rank Math comes packed with functionality, and the dashboard gives quick access to enable some features like 404 Monitor, Link Counter, Schema, and supported plugins like AMP and others. The dashboard also has a nifty import and export function built-in, if you want to move your preferences across different sites.

However, the dashboard isn’t the most versatile one I’ve used, as the Rank Math settings are split into several categories that reside outside of the dashboard, under WordPress’ side panel menu. Barring this navigational decision, I found the Rank Math settings to be pretty intuitive, having separate pages for different categories of settings, all of which will let you optimize your site’s SEO to the fullest.

The best feature of Rank Math is its Post SEO section. The SEO issues are broken down into sections, and the plugin tells you exactly what you can improve. This is a significant improvement in contrast to Yoast SEO — the Post SEO section of which is not nearly as detailed or helpful. The SEO keyword options are also more versatile, with up to five keywords allowed per post. Rank Math also has built-in SEO audit functionality and smart automation to work on SEO issues behind the scenes.

The surprising part is that despite packing so much functionality, Rank Math is free. While Rank Math is working on a Pro version, the team has promised that the functionality provided in the free version will not reduce if and when the Pro version releases. As it is, Rank Math is one of the most powerful alternatives to Yoast SEO — for both beginners and advanced users.

Get the Rank Math plugin on the WordPress Plugin Store | Rank Math Official Website

3. The SEO Framework

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

The SEO Framework is one of the best integrating SEO plugins that I’ve tested. It blends in so well with WordPress that I forgot for a second that I was using a plugin that I had manually installed. The settings dashboard is a breeze to use, with settings categorized into easy to access tabs, all accessible from a single page. Additionally, The SEO Framework is really light, and unbranded.

In terms of usability, The SEO Framework is among the best WordPress plugins I have ever used. It packs in a ton of functionality as well, and it is powered by an AI that will automatically optimize your website for SEO behind the scenes. The SEO Framework has indicators to show how your posts are doing with SEO scores and built-in Open Graph support for social media traffic, and powerful Schema support to better project your site to search engines.

The post SEO section is also quite simple, showing you your real time progress with optimization, and even has visibility settings with Canonical URL and Robots Meta settings built in to help you adjust post visibility on the go. One notable feature missing from the free version is the inclusion of the SEO Keyword option.

The SEO Framework is a great SEO plugin providing the ease of use that beginners need, and the functionality that more advanced users require, with room to grow. The plugin does have premium tiers, called Pro, Business, and Agency, which give more options for structured data, spam protection, SEO focus options, third-party analytics support, a fully equipped extension manager, and more.

Get the The SEO Framework plugin on the WordPress Plugin Store | The SEO Framework Official Website (Paid Versions)

4. All in One SEO Pack

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

All in One SEO Pack is another widely popular alternative to Yoast SEO, with over two million installs. With regards to features, the All in One SEO Pack lives up to its name, with the free Lite version coming with more features than paid versions of most other SEO plugins.

I found the Settings panels to be cluttered because of the sheer number of features and optimization control All in One SEO Pack includes, but the options are all laid out well in categories, so you won’t have too much trouble navigating through while optimizing.

You can adjust a ton of settings from a single page, including home page, title, Google Analytics, Schema, and Noindex settings. The Performance Manager is also a nifty addition, giving power users a few options to fine-tune the plugin. There is also a Feature Manager that lets you activate and deactivate some critical features of the plugin.

The All in One SEO Pack also includes a Bat Bot Blocker that blocks malicious requests from bad bots designed to reduce site performance. There are several dedicated plugins designed to do this, but the All in One SEO Pack has this function built-in, which will save you from having to install a dedicated plugin.

Post SEO is one of the weaknesses of this plugin, featuring only a single tab, with no tabs to tweak Social Media-specific metadata, or anything else. The Post SEO section does feature two links asking you to upgrade to the Pro plans — which do not add enough functionality over the free version for me to recommend it.

Packing in so many features also makes this plugin relatively heavy, so I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners or users with slower web hosting.

Get the All in One SEO Pack plugin on the WordPress Plugin Store | All in One SEO Pack Official Website (Paid Versions)

5. SEOPressor Connect

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

SEOPressor Connect is one of the smartest SEO plugins I’ve used, as well as one of the most popular ones. It has a brand new algorithm that has been developed by studying a lot of web pages, and SEOPressor Connect uses all this knowledge to improve your site’s SEO performance.

The dashboard gives you access to key areas of SEO performance and a quick look at the average SEO performance of your website, with tips to improve the score if you hover over it. This expands into my favorite feature of SEOPressor Connect, called Site Audit. Site Audit will give you tips on improving the overall SEO score of your website while showing you the issues.

Another feature I found very convenient was the Sitewide SEO section, which lets you configure the SEO for the site pages, sitemaps, and links. I was also impressed by the Homepage settings section, which has metadata optimization with support for Facebook Graph and Twitter Card built right in. SEOPressor Connect also has a powerful Link Manager, which you can use to manage all the links in your posts as well as set up automatic linking assigned to specific keywords.

I found the plugin to be highly configurable through the settings. The Post SEO was also very detailed, giving optimization suggestions — which were much better than the tips I have been used to receiving in Yoast SEO. You can add up to three keywords, and SEOPressor Connect will give you suggestions here as well.

SEOPressor Connect has only one pricing plan, which is billed at $9 per month. I would recommend this plugin to anybody that wants a premium, smart, and feature-packed SEO plugin that is easy to use.

Get the SEOPressor Connect plugin on SEOPressor Connect Official Website

6. WP Meta SEO

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

WP Meta SEO is a beginner-friendly SEO plugin that is an excellent alternative to Yoast SEO. If you’re just getting started with SEO and feel you’re going to need training wheels to help you master it for your website, then WP Meta SEO is your best bet.

The first thing I noticed upon launching the WP Meta SEO plugin was the user-friendly dashboard, showcasing critical areas of SEO like meta title, meta description, image resizing, 404 error pages, and others. The dashboard also shows you your website’s performance in these areas, and you can hover your cursor over these sections to get tips about improving these scores.

Another key feature of WP Meta SEO I found impressive was the On-page SEO Optimizer, which gives a live score of your on-page SEO as you edit your content and play around with the metadata. This optimizer tells you what you’re doing right and what needs improvement. While Yoast does have an optimizer of its own, I found WP Meta SEO’s tool to be much more intuitive and geared towards helping less skilled users.

WP Meta SEO’s Content Meta editor is also a fantastic feature. It lets you add and change the meta title and description for posts in bulk, saving you time on having to open every post individually to edit the metadata. While Yoast does have this feature baked in, WP Meta SEO’s implementation is far superior and more user friendly. WP Meta SEO has a similar design for its image data and link editors as well, making batch optimizations a breeze. Other notable features include the built-in image optimization and resizing tool, and the sitemap generator.

The best part is that the free version gets all of these features, and the Pro version adds on even more great features like Google keyword suggestion, WooCommerce SEO, custom email reports, and more.

Get the WP Meta SEO plugin on the WordPress Plugin Store | WP Meta SEO Official Website (Paid Version)


10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

BAVOKO is one of the newer entrants in the SEO plugin game, but it is undoubtedly an impressive one. The setup wizard covers Google API connection, import from other SEO plugins, and on-page SEO settings, and is one of the better SEO plugin setup experiences I’ve had.

The dashboard has a keywords overview panel with some settings, and there is a dedicated side menu listing the rest of the settings, by category. BAVOKO SEO Tools provides a ton of options for the user to get the most out of SEO adjustments. The Keyword Monitor is a great feature that will give you all the data on your keywords in one single place, along with some analytics like clicks and impressions.

The Post SEO section also provides a detailed breakdown in the overview — far better than that of Yoast SEO, and among the best of any SEO plugin, I’ve used. The advanced tab also gives options for Canonical Tag and sitemap exclusion.

BAVOKO SEO Tools also has a chat head always floating when you’re in the plugin’s settings area, which lets you contact the support in case of any queries. While some might find the functionality to be a bit intrusive, I felt it was an excellent addition to have for a newer plugin like BAVOKO.

BAKOVO SEO Tools also has premium tiers that include features to tweak linking — the most notable inclusion from the free version, advanced keywords analytics, and more.  The more expensive plans are built for bigger websites and provide more keyword volume data, research tools, and other similar analytics that sites with more traffic would require.

Get the BAKOVO SEO Tools plugin on the WordPress Plugin Store

8. SmartCrawl SEO

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

SmartCrawl SEO calls itself the “hottest SEO plugin for WordPress,” and it mostly delivers on that promise. Upon installation, the plugin greeted me with a Quick Setup that gave me a rundown of the optimizations the plugin had turned on, with switches to turn them off if needed — an excellent feature for any SEO plugin, especially for beginners.

SmartCrawl SEO’s best feature is its comprehensive dashboard. It’s not clean and simple, but it is well organized and gives you access to all the key optimization areas and options to fix them quickly. The only issue with the dashboard is that it pushes the Pro version of the plugin a bit too much, subjecting you to advertising within the plugin itself.

SmartCrawl also has Open Graph integration, a great addition that will significantly boost your web traffic by improving your site’s performance through social media shares. SmartCrawl also has Moz integration to help you access your Moz reports in the SmartCrawl dashboard itself.

While the free version of SmartCrawl has all the basics covered, the Pro version adds a lot of features like automatic keyword linking to an internal or external link, a more robust content analyzer, better social media sharing, and more. If you’re a beginner, I would recommend you stick to the free version. If you’re an advanced user, then you might want to take a look at the other paid versions of plugins in this list.

Get the SmartCrawl SEO plugin on the WordPress Plugin Store | SmartCrawl Official Website (Paid Version)

9. SEO Ultimate+

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

The SEO Ultimate+ plugin is a premium offering that packs in a lot of features, making it worthy of the Ultimate tag. The plugin used to have a free variant, but it hasn’t received any support or updates since 2017. Even though the free version worked fine when I tested it, I would recommend you to use the paid version — SEO Ultimate+.

SEO Ultimate+ is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to functionality, and it is one of the most widely used Yoast alternatives. SEO Ultimate+ has a powerful code inserter that lets you modify headers, footers, and the content to optimize it for SEO easily. Another great feature is the Deeplink Juggernaut which will automatically create internal links for keywords chosen by you.

SEO Ultimate+ also has Open Graph support to boost social media traffic, and other nifty features like file editor, mass editor for metadata, and the SEO Data Transporter, which will let you import data from other SEO plugins you have used before, including Yoast.

However, the best part about SEO Ultimate+ is also its biggest weakness. The amount of features this plugin packs in also makes it quite heavy, and in my testing, the plugin slowed down my site’s load times quite a lot. While the feature set is impressive, the plugin is too heavy for me to recommend to an average user. You should consider SEO Ultimate+ only if you’re a power user who knows what you’re doing.

Get the SEO Ultimate+ plugin on SEO Ultimate+ Official Website

10. Premium SEO Pack

10 Great Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Premium SEO Pack is an excellent alternative to Yoast SEO that is packed with features — the basics and some smart, unique features as well.

The Premium SEO Pack has a dashboard that has an unconventional selection of quick access panels, including Cron Jobs, server status, modules manager, and backup. There’s also a social panel to show you your site’s performance across several social media platforms. There are dedicated settings pages for on-page optimization and advanced settings. The plugin is heavily themed, which I did not like, but it manages to be functional enough, so the look of the plugin isn’t an issue.

The mass optimization feature of this plugin is undeniably its best feature. It lets you optimize the metadata in bulk, letting you get a ton of work done very quickly. Other great features are a built-in image optimizer, link builder, link redirect, and more.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Premium SEO Pack is very user friendly. The user experience is not intuitive, and even the more advanced users will face a learning curve with this plugin. Among all the plugins I tested, I found this one the most confusing to use. If you’re okay with the learning curve, you should consider this plugin.

Premium SEO Pack also has premium license plans that offer a few other features and better support, and guaranteed updates.

Get the Premium SEO Pack plugin on the Premium SEO Pack Official Website (Paid Versions)


All 10 of these plugins are great alternatives to Yoast SEO, with many being capable of outperforming the popular SEO plugin while being free. To pick the SEO plugin that is best for you, you should consider your usage scenario and level of expertise and choose accordingly.

While it can be tempting to install and use more than one of these plugins simultaneously, I must remind you that doing so can cause conflict between the two plugins, affecting the performance of your site considerably.

While the plugins do help a great deal in perfecting the SEO performance of your website, Google and other search engines change their SEO algorithms regularly. The best way to get better is to make sure that you’re consistently committing to good SEO practices through the plugin, and remembering the practices, and keeping up with the algorithm changes. I wish you good luck with your SEO adventures!

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