Free Video Chat Apps

Video chat apps are useful tools for collaboration and communication. They can be used in the workspace to easily host meetings with colleagues, and they can be used with friends to catch up when you are unable to visit.

Fortunately, there are several free video chat apps for you to check out. Here are 10 of the best options.

1. Zoom

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

Zoom emerged as one of the most popular video chat apps in 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. It grew in popularity because of its accessibility and easy to use design.

Zoom comes with HD video and audio that easily lets you communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, there is audio only conferencing for when you do not want to show yourself on video.

Additionally, Zoom has cross platform messaging which you can do using the desktop client, the mobile app, and the browser client.

Security is also taken seriously with Zoom as there is high end password protection, and end to end encryption.

Users are even able to schedule their meetings so that they receive reminders when they have one coming up.

You should note that although there are upgraded plans that you can pay for, the free plan provides most users with everything that they need.

2. Skype

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

Skype is one of the oldest video chat apps on the market, having been around for well over a decade at this point. In that time it has built up an impressive user base that is rivaled by few other video chat apps.

Skype has HD video and audio that ensures that your audio is crisp, and your video is clear at all times. Smart messaging enables users to easily react to messages that will grab others user’s attention.

While you are in a meeting, you can enable screen sharing so that you can show your colleagues or friends what is on your screen. This can help push meeting along so that you can get back to work quicker.

Skype also allows users to record calls and use live subtitles so that you can read the words if you are unable to listen.

3. Microsoft Teams

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

Microsoft Teams is another great option for people looking for great video chat apps. Users are able to meet for 60 minutes at a time while hosting up to 100 participants.

All users get access to 10 GB of cloud storage. You can also give guests temporary access to your files while maintaining control over your company data.

Microsoft Teams also puts an emphasis on communication when you are not in a video call. You can easily set up text chats with other team members so that you can collaborate on projects easily.

This video chatting tool is available on all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It is available in 53 languages and 181 markets.

4. WhatsApp

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

WhatsApp is a video and text chatting tool that allows users to chat with their friends and family from all over the world while avoiding SMS fees.

Users can easily set up group chats to communicate with up to 256 people at once. You can name each group chat, mute it when you want, and customize your notifications.

WhatsApp lets users sync their conversations between their phone and computer. All you need to do is make sure you have the desktop app is downloaded.

WhatsApp is built to keep your information and conversations secure. Whenever you are chatting via video or text, your conversations are protected with end to end encryption.

Finally, WhatsApp users can share documents with anyone at any time. Documents up to 100 MB in size can be sent via your text chats.

5. Google Duo

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

Google Duo lets users make one to one calls. You can see who is online, or you can invite friends to join you.

Groups can easily be set up with up to 32 participants. Select the people you want to call, name the group, and start your call.

Google Duo makes video chatting more fun with its new augmented reality features. These features allow you to add fun effects like adding on a pair of virtual sunglasses or turning your head into a dinosaur.

When you are using Google Duo, all of your chats are encrypted. This ensures that your information is protected and that it is not distributed to third parties without your permission.

6. Discord

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

Discord is one of the top video chat apps for gamers. You can set up your own server with multiple channels so that friends can play separate games and communicate at the same time.

In each server, you can set up text chats where you can talk when no one is in the voice channels.

Most of the time when you are playing games, you will use audio, which is always crisp. However, users can turn on their cameras at any time to video chat.

Screen sharing is another feature that should improve your gaming experience. You can share your screen so that you and your friends can plan out what move to make next.

7. Facebook Messenger

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

Most people have Facebook, and as a result, Facebook Messenger is one of the most convenient video chat apps for most people to use.

Everyone with a Facebook account gets access to Facebook Messenger, and Facebook is completely free to sign up for. Once you have an account, you can download the messenger app on your phone.

Text chats are extremely easy to set up. You can add the friends you want directly from your friend list. Once you have a group, you can text freely with those members.

Additionally, members of a group can start a video call together. Alternatively, you can start video chats with individual people at any time.

Facebook Messenger also makes it easy to connect with businesses. Most businesses have a Facebook page, and they check their messages.

You can message businesses to book reservations and to get customer support.

8. FaceTime

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

While FaceTime is one of the most popular video chat apps, it is only available to people with Apple devices. As a result, you will not be able to use it to speak with friends that have Android or Windows phones.

With that said, FaceTime is integrated into every Apple device. It comes with HD video and crisp audio.

You can start a video call with anyone on your contact list that has an Apple device. It supports calls of up to 32 people at a time.

Additionally, the SharePlay feature lets you watch or listen to streamed content with other callers.


10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

LINE is a messaging app that is used all around the world. However, it has an especially strong presence in Asia.

The main purpose of the app is to let users communicate with their friends and family with ease.

Text chats can be set up with your friends. While you are texting, you can use the Stickers feature for quick responses.

Additionally, you can send pictures, videos, audio, and location information via text chats. These chats can be one on one, or you can set up group chats with up to 500 people.

Video chatting is very popular on the LINE app as the service provides HD voice and video. Voice and video calls can also be made between multiple users.

You should note that the “Read” feature is automatically on for all users. This feature shows on the sender’s screen to indicate when their message has been read. You can disable this feature if you wish.

There are also several features in place to protect minors from unwanted communication. Notably, users under 18 years of age cannot be searched for by ID if they have not been verified.

10. Viber

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

Viber is another one of the best video chat apps on the market. It lets users send texts, photos, videos, and files all from their phones.

Users can reply to any message with custom and quick voice and instant video messages. You can also share stickers and GIFs for more playful communication.

Calls can be started in either voice or video mode. However, you can switch to and from video without needing to end the call.

One of the most popular features from Viber is the ability for users to delete and edit seen messages. If you sent something that you did not mean to send, you can delete it before or after it is seen by other users.

Alternatively, you can send disappearing messages. These messages will automatically be deleted after a set amount of time.

Finally, Viber lets you join public groups and communities that share your passions. This is a great way for users to make new friends and meet new people.

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